Clownfish, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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Tauchplatz: Britannic

Titel : Diving the BRITANNIC Wreck 2016 - 100th Sinking Anniversary - GUE Project

Beschreibung : Join us on the epic dive to the one of the most stunning wrecks in the world. Sister ship to the Titanic, "the most wonderful hospital ship that ever sailed the seas" and still the largest passenger vessel at the seabed. 100 years after the sinking, we explore the HMHS Britannic wreck near the coast of Kea, some 100 meters deep in the Aegean sea. Discovered by Jacques Cousteau, today Britannic is on the top of the best wrecksites list. This dive is the first step of the "Ocean Liners of Kea" diving project. Follow the GUE Project "Ocean Liners of Kea" on Dive Trek Forum Divers: Wojtek A. Filip & Krzysiek Niecko Camera: Wojtek A. Filip & Krzysiek Niecko Edit: Piotr Kardasz

Tags : hmhs britannic, titanic, wreck, gue diver, gue project, britannic wreck, britannic diving, titanic sister ship, wojtek a filip, krzysiek niecko, piotr kardasz, dive on britannic

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Dauer : 00:04:57

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