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 HMS Suddhadib

Eastern Gulf

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Titel : 1080 HD - Diving the WW2 shipwreck SS Suddhadib / Hardeep sunk 1945 by British B24 bombers JAOWD

Beschreibung : I was diving the WW2 wreck Suddhadip / Hardeep in Sattahip 25-Nov-2017 with my father. Perfect conditions, nice and light and an almost total slack :) It was cool to dive around debris from a real WW2 wreck dive sunk by British B24 bombers bombs during the war. I've dived Hardeep / Suddhadip many times before but this was the first time Daddy allowed me to get really close to, in with the debris. We swam around and under debris and also did a few swim throughs like we talked about during the pre-dive brief. It was special, this is a real WW2 wreck. I'm definitely going to swim out to the nearest unexploded 1,000 lb bomb next time I'm there in a slack!!! I had 2 torches, the long reel, checked air, depth and the dive computer often and was aware of the compass direction all the time, important. My max depth 26 meters, average depth 18 meters, total dive time: 33 minutes, plenty of air left :) Everything below copied from Daddy's post - History Suddhadib or Hardeep as westerners call her is a real WW2 wreck. She was built in Hong Kong 1918 for the Siam Steam Navigation Company, named after King Rama V's daughter Suddhadib and had a 3 cylinder 105.5 horse power steam engine. Length: 68.11 m, beam: 10.84 m, 802.97 ton net. She was bombed by British B24 Liberator Bombers from the 159 Squadron flying out of India and sunk 12:55 PM 1-Jun-1945. There are several unexploded 1,000 lb bombs in the area, 2 are near the wreck Diving Several Jomtien / Pattaya dive companies regularly dive on Hardeep as they call her. She lies in sand at 25- 27 meters depth, AOWD or higher is mandatory, tides are strong in the area so check the tide tables and plan days with weaker tides if you can and you will enjoy it more, better visibility too. Again, do not underestimate the power of the currents around Samaesan, people have died doing just that! Morning dive is around 10 to 11 AM. Visibility is better Nov to Apr, June can be rough (bad weather), weather is normally OK Jul to Oct but it is the rainy season so it can be a bit rough if there.is a depression. Visibility is pretty bad June to Oct but on the other had, that's a great opportunity to learn to be a better diver Camera Nikon Coolpix AW130 without housing, without filter, just underwater mode. It's a good little camera as long as visibility and light is good and the water is clear but it really needs clear water and good light to produce good video. This dive is partially way beyond its capability. The beginning of the video is OK, it's too dark for it in the middle part and quality is down a lot (torch helps but it's difficult to get right), the end on the hull is OK again. I had to use Adobe Premiere Elements to touch up quite a bit. Quite easy to learn, read review, decide app, set-up, how to tutorial and lots of practice :) Olympus TG4 is a better camera for sure but I really don't like the housing, it's give and take Enjoy :)

Tags : underwater diving (film subject), diving (sport), scuba diving (interest), ship wreck (disaster type), thailand, padi, jaowd, aowd, junior advanced open water, advanced open water, courtney, wreck, wreck diving, wreck dive, scuba, scuba diving, coral, dive, diving, deep, shipwreck, junior, underwater, hd, 1080, gopro, hero, top, 10, marine, hardeep, suddhadip, bomb, pattaya, mermaids, penetration, penetrate, swim through, rehnberg, sattahip, smb, reel, rescue, ww2, htms, idea, ss, review, setup, how to, tutorial, cute, help

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Video eingereicht von Courtney Rehnberg (24-02-2018)


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