Whale Shark, Philippines. Photo by Stephane Rochon.

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 HP Reef

North Male Atoll

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Titel : High speed drift diving in the Maldives

Beschreibung : Super fast underwater currents in a 35m channel dive near HP reef, it blasted us through into the atoll, after filming part of the full-on drift dive all we could do is find some bare rock to hold or hook on too as the current tried to knock us of the reef & into the blue which happened to my buddie "Chang" didnt see him for 35min's! in the mean time im hanging on a overhang ledge with the current flapping me like a flag.. obviously i can't film anything! so i start to leap frog from one rock to another & take cover from the ragging current with up & down currents thrown into the mix!! dont get me wrong i loved every second of it!!! from this point divers are flying past me at great knots! at one point i had hold of a big rock about half the size of me & it started to move as i held on to it with both hands in the current!! as we drop back along the reef we find some cover from the torrent of water entering the inner atoll and regrouped, thats when i see my buddie again looking abit wide eyed... he was blown clean of the reef into the blue & took him a good 20mins to get back & used most of his air in doing so... Fantastic drift dive!!! best to date! This is what drift diving the Maldives is all about...

Tags : high speed drift diving, maldives, scuba diving

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